I am still in the peak of my [title of show] related obsession. It’s all I think about. It would be all I talk about, but people get irritated about that. I’m just freaking out gearing up to the best weekend of my life (since Dragon*Con 2010).

And now this week, a bomb of happiness has been dropped on my life. And literally the first thought that popped into my head–Air Freshner Vampires be damned–was–


And exactly what could elicit such an expletive-infused reaction?

The very acknowledge of our little show’s existence by the original [tos]sers themselves. Don’t believe me?

We go up this weekend, and I am going nuts with the anticipation for what appears to be almost everybody I know and love in the general area (and not in the general area, being that my brother is taking the eight hour drive up here, and I love him even more) is all sorts of excited to find out exactly where the hell I’ve been for the last month.

Is it wrong that I’m sort of relieved we’re so far away from New York that they can’t just pop in on us to see what we’ve done to their show? [Hunter’s from Atlanta at one point, as our Hunter pointed out to me, and that’s scary]

Don’t mistake that for doubting our awesome. Trust me. We’re awesome. The show is awesome. Our crew is awesome. Our performances are going to be awesome. The show easily lends itself such workable and likeable people, we can just slip into them so freaking easy, taking all of our quirks and blending them in with the [tos] quirks. This show is the closest I’ve ever come to believing in blessings. I struggle to think of a time when I’ve been so consistently happy in the last decade.

Also? Can I just say that this show seems to be inadvertently made for the purpose of adding Star Wars jokes? I’m not even joking a little. We’ve spent the last week or so making nonstop Star Wars/[tos] hybrid jokes (not to mention having a continual musical review with our amazing AMAZING Larry the pianist–if he wrote a blog telling all of the crazy stories from his life, it may be the most read blog in the world, totes to the post-it notes).

I dream a dream of a one-time performance of our Star Wars-themed improv [title of show] show. It would be the most amazingly nerdy thing to ever happen at this school ever. And we’re a really flipping nerdy school, like no joke you guys srsly.

Care for some highlights? [that won’t make sense unless you’re a [tos]ser already].

“This isn’t the musical you’re looking for. Move along.” [a potential title of show]

“I’m going to go on YouTube and announce that I want a golden taun-taun!”

“Heidi and I did that training montage in Dagobah together.”
“SHUT IT. Y’all were in Dagobah together. Tell me a wacky, Dagobian anecdote.”
“Uh, hm. I don’t know…”
“Did you go through a Dark Side infused tree stump and slay your inner-demons?”
“No… but that would have been wacky!”
“That would have been emotionally scarring, Heidi. Scarring.”

“Oh My God, this is it. Here we go into the Sarlac pit.”

“What if my fear turned to anger? / What if my fear lead me to the dark side? / Obi-wan! Would that change the way you saw your Padawan, / now he’s a Sith and he needs you!”

“I’m just a diplomatic emissary! I don’t know squiddle about Dantooine!”