How to Make Ramona Flowers’ Large Hammer

After all the fun I had creating Ramona’s Subspace purse, Taylor and I decided to also make her large hammer (+2 against girls) as a prop for cosplaying at Dragon*Con or at Halloween or, y’know, whenever you may need a big ass hammer.


  • Hot glue gun
  • One Large dowel (2″ by 36-48″)
  • Four small dowels (1/4″ by 36″)
  • A roll of wireform mesh
  • Two packages of plaster cloth
  • Black, metallic silver, brown, and white acrylic paint (not sure how much you need, but we got pints and that was way too much)
  • Sponge brushes
  • Sandpaper
  • Brown paper and sharpies

First we sketched out of the plans. That was actually very beneficial.

Then we cut up the dowels and hot glued them together.

When you have a three-dimensional version of the bare bones of the hammer, start covering it with the wire mesh.

Use the plaster cloth to cover the wire mesh. Keep it pretty taut. The wire mesh may create crevices in the hammer, but stretching the plaster cloth will keep it looking solid. It may start to get heavy, that’s just the water talking. We did about two-to-three layers of plaster cloth, but when all the water evaporates, it’s not that heavy.

Once the plaster cloth is dry, sand down the plaster cloth to smooth any overlaps. Then we painted the whole hammer head black. Then we dry-brushed the metallic silver on, making sure the black shows through. Then we lined the edges with a very light coating of white.

The handle of the hammer was painted brown. The particular color I used was called “bark brown,” but you can probably go lighter than that. I painted the whole thing dry-brushed, almost solid but not quite. I went over the brown with very rough sandpaper. Just like strokes here and there, stressing it to look a little more natural.

Look at these pictures. They will show you the way.