Nescit Cedere, Hothlanta


Question for you: Little Kate’s unexpected snowstorm makes her:

A) Grumpy.

B) Mumpy.

C) All of the above.

Until today, I have been literally trapped within my neighborhood since Sunday in the worst snow storm I–knock on wood–ever hope to see in my life. And it’s still incredibly dangerous to go out and about–but dammit I have missed a week’s worth of rehearsals for [tos] and I’m getting out of this house one way or another. WAY TO FREAKING GO, ATLANTA.

What did I do on this five day weather enforced house arrest?

Well, I watched a lot of TV. And I crocheted some stuff. And I sang a lot. And I played Harry Potter Lego. And I read every entry in this. And I moaned and complained. And I cleaned my room.

The only good thing to come out of this damn storm was one week long Star Wars reference. Which is a tribute to how many amazingly nerdy and lovely people live in the home town of Dragon*Con (suck it, San Diego). What a beacon of awesome in the midst of so much suck. You go, nerds who did the trend thing on twitter to make that an actual thing that people say.

The first marker–impenetrable to all ye Taun-Tauns who dare to pass–was at the entrance to our subdivision. It’s a very shady area and nobody in my entire gorram city seems to want to take matters into their own hands and clean the roads in front of our houses. What were my mother and I doing this week? Digging paths into the road for safety. What was everybody else doing while this was happening? Driving by, waving and/or mouthing ‘thanks.’


Also I made a snow angel, but instead of snow, it was ice, so I couldn't just sweep my arms and legs. I had to break the ice.

Um. You’re welcome. But you know what would make this faster/safer? If you guys actually came out and helped. Did your part. Obviously nobody from the state or the city departments of transportation are going to pull their heads out of their asses any time soon and get to cleaning off the roads around where we live. Don’t these people want to get to places? Don’t they want to get to places in one piece?

Mom reminisces of the good ole days, when she was super young living in Middle-of-flipping-nowhere, Michigan and everybody (read: menfolk) was doing their part with shovels and ice picks making sure that people could get to places. And you know what? I’m pretty sure the nowadays can take a page from the good ole days and help people get off their asses. Is it natural for an entire metro area–practically half of the most populated areas in the state–to absolutely shut down for four days? Really? REALLY?

Nobody seems to remember what it’s like to be neighborly anymore. And I know we laugh at the Pleasantville mentality of saying hello to your neighbors as they water the lawn. And generally I couldn’t give a damn about who they are and what their lives are like. But something like this, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and literally pound pavement to get this ice up. And next to nobody’s out on the roads. Is it really that hard to spend an hour breaking and scooping away ice? Especially in shaded areas? So this ice isn’t still endangering people’s lives a week later?

There were somewhere around 50 accidents in a few hours this past Monday, and I’ll bet the number has steadily risen. Come on, guys. Let’s decrease the WorldSuck.

Last I checked, Snowpocalypse 2011 wasn’t a surprise. Were there things that could have been done in preparation? You bet your sweet behind there are. I don’t know the protocol personally (obviously, neither does anybody else in this fraking state) but somehow every other state in the union seems to get by without declaring a state of emergency every time five inches falls. Otherwise, what’s the point of the north even functioning for three whole months of winter?

What I learned from this experience is that I am NOT a homebody. I’m not happy just sitting around at home for days on end. I like going places. I like doing stuff. I like not being afraid to drive to the grocery store for milk. I like walking down a sidewalk without extra hazards to my life.

Also this is the bleedin South. We shouldn’t have to worry about this shit.

Moreover, I like going to school. I miss school. Which is a strange thing to say, especially considering how the general consensus of students everywhere is that school sucks. I’ve just got Beginning of the Semester Excitement. Come midterms, I’ll be back wishing for another act of ‘god’ to keep me from having to turn in that 9 page essay on Nietzsche on time. Bleh.


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